Slide Show #10 – River Otters, American River, Sacramento, CA

...For the last show, I chose to do river otters, my favorite animal on the river to photograph. I have about 12,000 otter images in my Lightroom library. Probably 10,000 more than I need to keep, but I have a difficult time eliminating otters.  Each picture brings back fond memories of the countless hours I have spent watching them. I hope these 15 minutes you spend watching the otters give you a little insight into why I find them so fascinating.

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08 Jun

Slide Show #9 - The Bears of Lake Clark National Park, Alaska

This year would have marked my 10th year in a row going to Lake Clark National Park to photograph bears. And my 9th time leading a tour there. But the coronavirus, and fear of COVID-19, put an end to my to my streak...

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Night - This week's slide show the 8th week!

The theme for this week's slide show is night. The time when most photographers put their cameras away, can be some of the most exciting time to photograph...

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26 May

This week’s slide show – May 25 - American River Scenics

In 2013 I moved to within ¼ mile of the American River in Sacramento, CA. These images represent 7 years of photography.

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This Week’s Slide Show – Great Blue Herons

I have 8,091 keyworded images of Great Blue Herons (there may be more without keywords!) I have probably discarded a similar number. Second to eagles, these are my most photographed birds.

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Mammals - this week's slide show

This week’s slide show contains 60 different species of mammals.


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For this week’s slide show I picked the theme of May.

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27 Apr

Birds by Lewis Kemper

Over the years I have taken a lot of bird images. I have proboaly thrown away more than I have kept, and I should throw away many more. At this point, I have kept about 73,000 bird pictures...

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f/8 And Be There

There is an old adage in photography “f/8 and be there.”

I built this slide show by searching for all the pictures I have taken at f/8 since I took my first digital images in 2002. That is when I began experimenting with digital cameras. I did not buy my first dSLR until 2004. I went through many models of Canon cameras and now 16 years later I am shooting with a Nikon. Who knows what the future will hold?

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As we sit in our homes and flip through the channels, or read another book, I thought I would offer a short alternative to help occupy your time. I created this slideshow, “Motion,” depicting capturing or creating motion in still images.

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