My 25 Favorite Images of 2014


I am excited about starting off the new year. This year I will be teaching a series of webinars on Lightroom and Photoshop starting next week. In January I am also leading a one day American River Adventure in Sacramento and teaching at the 20th Anniversary of Fotofusion an International Festival of Photography and Digital Imaging, this will be my 19th year! I have two international trips planned, so you can come with me in April to photograph tigers in India and also join me in Myanmar and Angor Wat in October. Also in October I will be leading a workshop to Triple D Game Farm in Montana to photograph wildlife models including wolves, mountain lions, bobcats and more! I will be leading a sold out tour to Alaska to photograph brown bears again this summer, it is too late for 2015 but you may be interested in 2016! Hopefully you will be able to join me for one of these events!
At the start of each new year I look back and the past years images and pick some of my favorites. This year I decided to share 25 of them with you! I have arranged the images chronologically (except for the last one) and included pertinent metadata so that hopefully you will find it educational as well as enjoyable!
Happy New Year!


1. Sacramento Skyline, Sacramento, CA

I was hired to make a time lapse movie of sunset over Sacramento.  While one camera was

recording the images for the time lapse I shot a few versions of this panorama as the sun was going


Made of 9 vertical images stitched together in Photomerge in Photoshop.

.6 sec; f/7.1; ISO 200; 24mm

























2. While walking my kayak back from the river, I spotted these magnolias in the fog on one

of my neighbors trees!

1/10 sec; f/22; ISO 100; 220mm



3. Sunrise, American River, Sacramento, CA. One of many beautiful mornings I get to

experience when I go out kayaking!

Made from 9 vertical images stitched together in Photoshop.

1/200 sec; f/5; ISO 500; 45mm



4. Cormorants at sunrise, Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Delray Beach, FL. I love working the

backight of sunrise at this location!

1/2500 sec; f/6.3; ISO 160; 500mm lens plus 1.4x extender



5.  Aerial of trees and water, American River, Sacramento, CA

Taken from my DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter with a GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition camera

1/125 sec; f/2.8; ISO 136; 2.8mm



6. Common Merganser and chicks, American River, Sacramento, CA   Finding the chicks riding

the mom's back was one of my favorite things to see in the spring!

1/500 sec; f/7.1; ISO 320; 275mm



7. Sunset, American River, Sacramento, CA  -  I usually go out photographing at sunrise, but I

could tell this was going to be a great sunset, so I grabbed the kayak and went out. This  was

the highest the water had been in a while and I was able to easily go to a location that I usually

do not get to.  It was the right decision!

1/25 sec; f/7.1; ISO 640; 24mm



8. Cowgirl, Blue Moon Rodeo, Columbia Falls, MT. I really enjoyed panning with the riders at

the rodeo. I did some "extra" processing on this one with Topaz Adjust to add the gritty feel.

1/160 sec; f/7.1; ISO 1250; 135mm
























 9. My Kayak, Sunrise, American River, Sacramento, CA. One of the reasons I get up so

early to go kayaking!

Made from 3 images taken two stops apart and merged with HDRSoft Merge to 32 bit plug in for

Lightroom - f/14; ISO 400; 24mm



10. Sow and Cub, Coastal Brown Bears, Lake Clark National Park, AK - Seeing scenes like this

is one reason I keep leading my tour to Lake Clark every summer!

1/400 sec; f/16; ISO 800; 329mm



11. Aztec Dancing, Southside Park, Sacramento, CA. I was always intriqued with Ernst Haas' color

in motion images, so I thought I would give it a try!

1/10 sec; f/22; ISO 100; 75mm



12. River Otter, American River, Sacramento, CA. The otters are my favorite creatures on the river!

1/640 sec; f/8; ISO 1000; 552mm



13. Great Blue Heron, American River, Sacramento, CA. I spotted this heron in front of the glowing

grass 75 yards up river and paddled as fast as I could to get there in time to make this image!

1/500 sec; f/11; ISO 640; 483mm




14. River Otter, American River, Sacramento, CA. I can never resist an otter, especially in great light!

1/250 sec; f/10; ISO 1600; 600mm























 15. Palm Frond, Sacramento, CA. I was trying out my new macro lens in the backyard!

1/50 sec; f/13; ISO 1000; 180mm



16. Great Egret, American River, Sacramento, CA. Everytime I see a Great Egret like that I am

reminded of my friend Deb Sandidge's eloquent black and white image of this bird and I try

to do as well as she did.  I haven't succeeded yet!

1/400 sec; f/9; ISO 200; 600mm





















17.Golden Gate Bridge from Fort Baker. Taken on one of my "San Francisco Night" photo tours.

30 sec; f/9; ISO 400; 32mm



18. Black Bear, South Lake Tahoe, CA. It was fun to see black bears fishing for salmon!

1/640 sec; f/5.0; ISO 8000; 173mm



19. Jeep Trail, Ranthambore Tiger Preserve India. Just one of the great sights of India!

1/30 sec; f/13; ISO 1600; 35mm



20. Women bathing in the Ganga River, Varanasi, India. Watching the people experience the

Ganga River is one of the most fascinating things I have ever seen!

1/250 sec; f/11; ISO 1250; 329mm



 21. A Log Full of Otters, American River, Sacramento, CA. Otters!  What more needs to be said?

1/500 sec; f/6.3; ISO 800; 350mm



22. Waterdrops on leaf, Sacramento, CA. We had a rain so I decided to play with the macro lens. I 

loved the little tiny snail on the stem.  I didn't see it until I processed the image!

1/5 sec; f/32; ISO 500; 180mm



23. Canada Goose Bathing, American River, Sacramento, CA. I spotted this goose splashing in the

water from about 50 yards downstream, so I hurried over to put myself in position to get the

back lighting with the dark shadow and took whole lot of pictures!

1/640 sec; f/16; ISO 5000; 600mm



24. Sunrise in Fog, American River, Sacramento, CA. The foggy days of winter are my favorite!

Made of 7 vertial images stitched together in Photoshop. f/8; ISO 640; 24mm



25. Bear and iPhone. I just had too much fun doing this one!


I hope you enjoyed the images!  Let me know.