May News!


It certainly has been a while since I wrote! I hope everyone is recovering from the long winter and looking forward to some warm weather photography. I have been busy photographing two of my favorite locations, The American River, here in Sacramento and Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Delray Beach, Florida. These represent two totally different environments, but both places of great photographic potential in the springtime. Along the river we are experiencing the greening of the vegetation, new flowers and the birth of baby waterfowl. While in Florida this time of year is all about the baby birds! (although I chose to show adults here!) Here are some examples of what I saw!    (Click on an image to see it larger)

I am pleased to announce that I am working with ImageEssence Multimedia to create a DVD of my American River work including stills, video (from both the dSLR and from the GoPro attached to my DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter or attached to the kayak) and original music by Mark Heggen, which will hopefully be released in June! I’ll keep you posted!
In the meantime I am planning for some upcoming seminars, workshops and tours. In May I have a two-part Nature Photography Workshop here in the Sacramento area at Effie Yeaw Nature Center on May 8 and 10, and on May 13th I am giving a lecture for the Coastal Carolina Camera Club in Shallotte, NC.
On June 3rd, I am presenting at Canon’s Live Learning Center in San Francisco, and leading a Canon Live Learning workshop at Triple D Game Farm in Kalispell, MT.
And in July I look forward in returning to Lake Clark National Park, AK for my sold out (maybe you can come next year!) “Bears, Bears and Bears, Oh My” tour.
Meanwhile I have picked up several more subscription clients for my Digital House℞ Calls℠  private online lessons. It is fun having such a diverse group of students. I have been working on workflow, Lightroom, book projects and more!
I have had several people inquire about how I protect my camera gear when I go out in my kayak and the basic answer is I don’t! Which means there are some products I use that minimize my risk, but in the case of a catastrophic accident I am relying on insurance. But while in the kayak I do keep one camera body, with a wide angle zoom, in a dry bag between my legs (of course most of the time the bag is not properly closed, so I can get the camera quickly) the bag protects the camera from splashes and rain. I wear a Cotton Carrier vest harness to secure my camera with the longer zoom to my body. And both cameras have Expert Shields LCD protectors (great idea for all Canon owners and I use them on my iPhone as well!) to keep me from scratching the LCD and to keep water off the LCD area of the camera. It does help that I am using pro bodies and L lenses that come with extra sealing and weather proofing for the occasional splashes!
I hope you are all finding great spring subjects to photograph and that you are creating some wonderful images!
Take care,